This NIE is a holiday

Niekedy, I'm talking to you, my boys are gonna get the hell out of my mind. The screaming around the all-round, I have never had peace and well-being. Pritom by som many times needed a rest. CEZ give me that Veľa Nenaspia and at night SA still budia, either one or the other. I always get up completely beaten. Then Ma Chakra Marathon in the kitchen and Som Rada, at least at the moment I obedom Zaspia and I have a moment of silence. Shut up, I'll give you a rest.
Changes to Horizons
Preto som sa decided that SA pozriem, hat by Bola suitable škôlka in our surroundings. Scooter by som ich to septembra at least for a few hodin harmful on starosť pani Učiteľke. At least she would have finaly caught up in the room, or a purchase. You could get the first friend here and get used to life in the collection. They would have learned the riešiť Rôzne Situácie and would end up with the fact that the world did not revolve around them. I have a bit of a fear of it on the other side, and the plan to the Mňa is fixed. We will never be without seba. Som is a safe case, in the Ktorý môžu Kedykoľvek in Plávť and anchored.