The first Grand Slam tournament is over

Lovers of our sports sector can hardly wait until the Australian Open erupts in the beginning of the year. Many Czech representatives participated. Lucie Šafářová won the category of women's doubles. In other categories, we fought with alternating successes. We believe that we will see more victories. We are looking forward to our live tennis.
In the Davis Cup we have failed without our best
At the beginning of the year, the first round was already in the Davis Cup. Our rivals were Austrians. This time we entered without our best, it is without Tomáš Berdych and Radka Štěpánka. They were replaced by Lukáš Rosol and Jiří Veselý. Unfortunately, they did not succeed, although everything took place in the Czech Republic. We'll be playing for keeping in the elite group. We are looking for a live tennis.