Get rid of dirt in the pool thanks to the telescopic rod

Are you preparing for the upcoming season and can't wait to get the right weather to be able to dezimate your pool? Are you already instructed last year and are you trying to get all the equipment on time? Have you been spoiling the impression of a little dirt in the past, so you would like to take a device with which you could ensure perfect water purity? Then you shouldn't miss one of the most important things. The telescopic pole should become an integral part of each user's own pool.
Safe water in your pool throughout the season
This pull-out handle makes your work easier as it becomes your extended hand. With the net, you can reach every corner of your pool, as it is an unlimited manipulation. Be sure to order it through our online shop, where you will find everything you need to keep your water safe. Each of our products will deliver you to your home at the best possible prices, so you will always be prepared for a refreshing swim.