Clarify the best

Are you also a victim of managerial decision making and you have to make a big and important step once in a while? If you do not like it, of course it is understandable, man is not unfathomable, and the whole responsibility lies with you. So if you work in a company or a large company, it's understandable that you don't like these moments. You're just stressed and wondering what to choose. You must not think so negatively, you always need to tune into a positive mood and look at it mainly objectively, because only the objectivity will help you choose the right solution.
Feel free to use the heart
If you still can't decide, it's time to plant your heart. What does your instinct say to you? In normal times it is not good to attribute it to such a great role, but it is in such situations that it suits more than anything else. Therefore, do not only drive by reason, but also by what your intuition advises you. Only then will your steps always be correct and you will have to blame nothing. Even if your choice failed too much, you don't despair, you're a man.